Throughout the various articles on this site we’ve often referenced various information such as facts, statistics and specific cases. We obviously haven’t invented these up – they come from various sources, all of which have been verified as legitimate. So in case you want to learn more about the death penalty or use some resources in your own articles, this would be a good place to start your own research:

1. Ten Reasons To Oppose The Death Penalty

This article is quite notable for being written in 1982 – only six years after the death penalty was reinstated in the United States. It’s some pretty solid evidence that people have wanted a ban of executions for as long as their modern incarnations have been around. While some of the points raised by this list are redundant or outdated, others are very much valid even thirty years later.

2. Death Penalty Infographic

death penalty is wrong

A pretty detailed infographic with basic information about executions in the US – how many states allow it (spoilers – most of them), how many people have been executed since 1976 (spoiler – a lot) and which states are the most “deadly”. The graphic is really well-made and doesn’t take any sides – it just presents the facts the way they are and lets you draw your own conclusions.

3. Which Is Cheaper, Execution or Life in Prison Without Parole?

While there are many, many articles out there that talk about how utterly ridiculous the cost of executing a prisoner is, I believe this one puts it quite well, explaining it in simple terms to people who aren’t usually all that into the “pro or anti death row” debate. It gives out the numbers as well as all the information in a quick, concise way, letting you make the comparisons yourself.

4. 10 Convicts Presumed Innocent After Execution

It’s important to keep in mind that the government rarely, if ever, acquits people who have already been executed – there’s just no point in wasting taxpayers’ dollars on a vain investigation. With that said, this list presents us with 10 people who were placed on death row despite the fact that anyone with any reasoning skill can see that the prosecutor’s case had more holes than a moth-infested blanket.

슬롯머신사이트5. Anything But Humane

A very short essay explaining some of the issues with the most popular execution method employed by the United States – lethal injection. 87% of all people executed in the States receive the injection despite the fact that it’s been known to cause severe pain and other medical complications, making it a cruel and unusual punishment.

6. Death Penalty News & Updates

While this site may not look like much at all, it does provide some pretty comprehensive information about the death penalty, such as lists of executed criminals by year (complete with the method of their death), statistics and information about several prisoners who are currently on death row.